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quest adventureEarthquest Adventures Theme Park is a resort style thematic theme park currently under design to bring travel and tourism opportunities to the East Montgomery County area in the near future.
EMCID annually funds over $1,250,000 toward local firefighting and public safety needs for the residents of our area. This year EMCID will allocate over $696,000 for the Porter Fire Department, $458,000 for the New Caney Fire Department, and $100,000 for the Splendora Fire Department’s needs in fire protection for the residents of East Montgomery County.

Economic Development programs for businesses in East Montgomery County include funds available for small business expansion and relocation. In each case additional jobs need to be created and filled by residents residing within our District boundary. These funds are loaned out at below market rates and can be structured to fit your businesses growth needs.
Educational opportunities are available for every graduating senior. $1,000 is provided for each student which graduates from within the local High schools, or those that may be home schooled. Please call our office for additional information.